On demand transportation companies like Uber and Lyft for those without smartphones.

FRUBER turns on demand transportation companies like Uber and Lyft into services that help families take better care of older adults and those without smartphones.

  • Pickups in under 5-10 minutes

  • Live agents available 24 hours

  • Available in all US states and Canada

  • Free signup

  • No monthly fees

FRUBER is a fast, affordable and convenient transportation solution for folks that want to safely maintain their independence. 

You need a touch tone telephone that can call 1 855 537 8237. We highly recommend riders have a cell phone so they can always be reached. 

We work with Uber and Lyft to ensure that you can get affordable rides within 5-10 minutes. FRUBER operators communicate, screen and supervise drivers to make sure every ride completes safely and successfully. 

Operators are available 24 hours a day to give quotes, order rides and answer any questions that you have. 

We charge a small concierge fee plus Uber/Lyft’s fare. We quote you the fare when you call. Our partners’ rates can change when demand is high (this happens rarely and returns to normal in a few minutes). You do not pay the driver, and they do not know the total cost of the trip. After the trip, we’ll charge the card you have on file and call or email you with how much was charged. 

Our rides are for independent adults who want to maintain their lifestyle. Some members use us to reduce the amount and type of driving they do (such as driving at night or going unfamiliar places), while others use us as their complete car replacement. Everyone enjoys the convenience of having affordable transportation on-call. 

Register by calling us at 1 855 537 8237 and Press 0. CLICK HERE to sign up online.

We will be adding more and more services soon! Feel free to call us at 1 855 537 8237 and offer any suggestions you may have!

Open 24 hours a day.

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